15 Socially Distanced Field Trip Ideas

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way schools operate in many ways. However,field trips still play a vital role in student development and provide an invaluable learning experience outside the classroom. That said, these outings need to account for new safety measures designed to keep students, faculty, and communities safe.

Securing safe and reliable transportation is one of the most important elements when planning a field trip. Bus.com has a range of versatile bus types to suit any student group.

Determining what kinds of field trips are still possible and how to get there may seem challenging, but at Bus.com, we’re here to help. We’ve prepared a list of 16 socially distanced field trip ideas for you later in this post, and by using our easy-to-use Booking Tool you can have your entire itinerary finalized in moments.

Planning safe field trips

When organizing a field trip and renting a charter bus with minors means that safety is the first priority. Unfortunately, the ongoing COVID-19 adds another challenging element to adapt to, but it’s important to remember these challenges are manageable with the right precautions. At Bus.com, we have plenty of tips for hosting safe events, COVID-19-specific travel tips, and general resources for event planners operating during COVID-19. For all kinds of trips, we’re constantly working to make sure traveling with Bus.com is as safe as possible.

Choosing the right bus

Bus.com offers various bus types, each with its own advantages.Choosing the bus type that’s right for your field tripwill depend on how many people are in your group, how far you’ll be traveling, and what amenities you’ll need onboard. While for most field trips it will make the most sense to rent a bus, some field trips may benefit from a shuttle service. If you’d like to learn more, we’ve prepared resources that detail what factors go into charter bus prices. We also offer a book now pay later program so you can secure a quote in advance, before beginning your fundraising. For more in-depth information, check out our ultimate guide to bus rentals.

Coach Bus

A coach bus rental is the largest and most luxurious of our charter bus rentals. A coach bus has room for up to 55 passengers and is well-suited for longer-distance travel. Coach bus rentals also have the widest selection of available amenities, including hi-speed WiFi, air-conditioning, A/V and DVD equipment, generous undercarriage and overhead storage bays, and an onboard restroom. These additions may sound pricey, but you may be surprised to find out they may not add much to the total coach bus rental cost.

School Bus

The classic yellow school bus is an iconic sight all over North America, and it’s no mystery why they’re frequently relied on for field trips. They’re a straightforward, affordable option with room for up to 47 passengers, and they’re ideal for shorter trips. Remember, we also offer a book now, pay later program, so you can secure a quote for your charter bus cost well in advance and run your fundraising drive in the meantime.


Effectively a scaled-down version of a classic school bus, a minibus has room for up to 21 passengers and is ideal for shorter hops around town. The smaller size of a minibus rental not only makes it perfect for smaller groups, but it can also be a great choice for some destinations where larger vehicles may have a difficult time parking and loading. A minibus rental is also a very popular choice of charter bus for rent for shuttle services.

Sprinter Van

A newer vehicle type, a Sprinter Van rental is a flexible vehicle with passenger space for between 8 and 15 passengers, depending on the configuration. A passenger van rental also has a range of available amenities, including air-conditioning, baggage storage, charging outlets, and high-speed WiFi capabilities. While all of our charter buses for rent include a vetted driver as part of the regular charter bus cost, with a sprinter van rental, you can choose to book your passenger van rental without a driver and either drive it yourself or provide a qualified driver of your own.

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